Past Projects

Olympic Apartments
    View the Olympic Photo Gallery

Maule Apartments
    View the Maule Apartments Photo Gallery

The Centennial
    View the Centennial Photo Gallery

Sunset Phase 2 Apartments
    View the Sunset Phase 2 Apartments Photo Gallery

Tuscan Highlands Apartments—304 Units - Las Vegas, NV
    View the Tuscan Highlights Apartments Photo Gallery

Starr Apartments
    View the Starr Apartments Photo Gallery

Gilespie Apartments
    View the Gilespie Apartments Photo Gallery

Torrey Pines Apartments
    View the Torrey Pines Apartments Photo Gallery

Alper Apartments
   View the Alpers Apartments Photo Gallery

Silverado West Apartments
   View the Silverado West Photo Gallery

Rochelle Phase 2 Apartments
   View the Rochelle Phase 2 Apartments Photo Gallery

Challenger School Phase 2
   View the Challenger School Phase 2 Photo Gallery

Siegel Suites – 96 Units - Las Vegas, NV
   View the Siegel Suites Photo Gallery

Jeffreys Apartments – 398 Units - Las Vegas, NV
   View the Jeffreys Photo Gallery

East Gibson Apartments – 286 Units – Las Vegas, NV
   View the East Gibson Photo Gallery

South Beach Apartments – Russell 220 Units - Las Vegas, NV
   View the South Beach – Russell Photo Gallery

Rochelle Apartments 276 Units - Las Vegas, NV
   View the Rochelle Photo Gallery

St. Rose Apartments 426 Units – Las Vegas, NV
   View the St. Rose Photo Gallery

Sunset Apartments 368 Units – Las Vegas, NV
   View the Sunset Photo Gallery

Vue at Centennial Apartments - 111 units - Las Vegas, NV
   View the Vue at Centennial Photo Gallery

Challenger School - Las Vegas, NV
   View the Challenger School Photo Gallery

Post Apartments - 310 Units – Las Vegas, NV
   View the Post Photo Gallery

Hualapai Apartments - 338 Units – Las Vegas, NV
   View the Hualapai Photo Gallery

Gibson Apartments (Dream)– 324 Units – Henderson, NV
   View the Gibson Photo Gallery

Badura Apartments (The Wyatt) – 308 Units – Las Vegas, NV
   View the Badura Photo Gallery

Coronado Apartments (Domain) – 308 Units - Henderson, NV
   View the Coronado Photo Gallery

Silverado Apartments (Lyric) – 376 Units - Las Vegas, NV
   View the Silverado Photo Gallery

Wigwam Apartments (The Edge) – 296 Units - Henderson, NV
   View the Wigwam Photo Gallery

Pyle Apartments (South Blvd) – 320 Units - Las Vegas, NV

Cabrillo Apartments – 264 Units - Las Vegas, NV

Crescent Ridge Apartments – 304 Units - Henderson, NV

Challenger School – Austin, TX

Challenger School Silverado – Las Vegas, Nevada

Brett Wesley Art Gallery - Las Vegas, NV

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